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the easel has evolved!

Use the instructional videos on this page to get to know your Evolve!

Watch this short video to learn all about assembling Evolve rotating easel adapter

With your Evolve rotating easel adapter assembled, you’re ready to attach it to your A frame or H frame easel. And let’s not forget, Evolve can also be mounted to a wall if you prefer!

Watch this video to learn how to attach the Evolve to your traditional wooden easel in less than a minute!

Learn how to attach your canvas to Evolve so you can start using your traditional easel in amazing new ways!

And now it’s time to paint!

We hope you’ll love using Evolve as much as we do – we always love to hear and see what you create with your artristic products. Let us know via email or social as you discover new ways to “evolve”.